Your business assistant

Your business assistant

Chat-bot helps you to tell your customers about your services, accept applications and make an appointment


Bee-Bot is indispensable for all


He is a dentist, not a secretary


She doesn’t get distracted, Bee-Bot does everything for her…


They don’t care about the clients massages and stay with the clients. Everything does Bee-Bot…


Clients don’t late for massage. Bee-Bot accompanies clients from the time of appointment

Car mechanic

He don’t need an assistant, he has Bee-Bot…

Tattoo parlor workers

They didn’t hire a secretary and overcome the crisis together

Driving teachers

They can focus on driving lessons, because students makes appointments by themselves


They forget how to use schedule book, they have the Bee-Bot diary.


Bee-Bot helps them to allocate thair work hours.

It`s much easier for your customers to take an appointment with the help of Bee-Bot

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Just try once to understand all our benefits

Probably, each businessman has faced a situation, in which he doesn`t have any time to deal with his profession, answers the calls,appointments with clients. Usually in such cases it is nessesary to hire an assistant, that is often unprofitable for small or medium-sized business. In such situations, our Bee-Bot app will help you!

Clients make appointments by there own

The app allows your customers to self-enroll for any services of your company.

Integration with instagram

Integration with Instagram will allow you to share your works with customers.

Synchronization with the popular calendars

The app is synchronized with the most popular calendars: Google, Apple and Outlook, to control the appiontments.

The help of

The system allows you and your customers stay informed about the upcoming meeting by reminding to turn up the GPS navigator.

fb messenger

The system allows to chat with clients with the help of FB Messenger.

promoter reminding

In the future the active sales promoter Bee-Bot will remind your clients to make an appointment.


Services price list will save time on unnecessary calls.

There are more benefits that will make your business better

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per month

In total

99 NIS/month

prices without VAT


Single unit cost of configuration

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How does it works?

Let us showcase the Bee-Bot work process.

The main goal of our company was to develop a simple, convenient, efficient and fast app that will allow you and your customers to perform the necessary actions without effort.


The client want`s to make an appointment.


The client finds you in the Facebook Messenger.


The client starts comunication with the Bee-Bot.


The client makes an appointment by selecting the service, date and time.


After recieving a notification on e-mail and FB you can accept or reject the request.


The customer receives a confirmation of the appointment.


The system conveniently reminds you of an appointment by turning on the GPS route.


In according to the appointed time and date the client arrives at your reception.

We recommend you to read "Questions & Answers”, and you will have no doubt how easily and effectively the Bee-Bot works




Questions & Answers

Read the FAQs to stay up to date.

Is your app a universal platform that allows to make an appointments in different services?

Each chat bot of Bee-Bot is unique. User sees your company`s logo in Messenger FB. Customer can see the services only of your company.

Can client pay for your company`s services by card before an appointment?

Unfortunately, we don`t have such a possibility, but if you need it - contact us and we will consider your offer.

Only customers who use FB Messenger can use the application?

No. Although every second person has Facebook and therefore Messenger to communicate, the alternative for making an appointment can be our company`s site, where your business are and clients can make an appointment through the site.

Why should I link Instagram to your application?

Instagram is the most popular social network where users can share there experiences in photo format. So, we thought that you could expand your audience and increase a demand for your services by adding the photos of your work to Instagram, to allow other users of our app get more familiar with your services.

Do you charge additional fees for each appointment makes through your app?

No, you only pay monthly subscription fee for using the application.

Why do you use FB as the primary tool for working with application clients?

More than two billion people all over the world every day use Facebook Messenger for communication. The number is quite big to make sure that the application is efficient. Navigation and look of Facebook Messenger is usual for users, that allows them understand our app intuitively.

Can I edit my company`s service data?

At this time you can do it only by contacting our representative, but soon you will have an opportunity to do it yourself.

What does “Active Sales Promotion” mean?

Think for a second for how many people had taken advantage of your business services. Each of these people is a client for you. For us it is a structured database where all the information of your clients are. Using this database for marketing purposes, we can increase the profitability of your business. Indeed, the active sales promoter will remind your customers to “come to next haircut or tooth bleaching, etc.”

Why do I need a bot? I have a secretary or I have enough time to do everything by myself!

Yes, it`s a good question. You can think that you can do everything by youself or by requipment, but you can save labor, answer to potential customers 24\7, promote the commertial activity of your business and all this for a minimal subscription fee.

Why I can`t buy this app in Facebook?

Our company is a strategic partner of Facebook. We use Facebook to collaborative developments of a variety of technologies. This app is our property and works with Facebook.

What information do I receive about the customer after he makes an appointment?

You receive: full name, phone number, sex, age, the type of selected service as well as the time and the date of appointment.

What if a customer wants to reassign for another time?

No problams! Just log in and change the date of appointment. Than you will be sent the date and time change request.

What should I do if a client just called me as usual to make an appointment?

Just log in to your device calendar and book the time range that you want. These hours will be unavailable for other customers using the application.

How does the app understand my day schedule and appointment time?

while configuring the app you set days, appointments time, types of services and duratin of every service. The app reads your daily schedule. Thus the more you use your calendar, the less scheduling conflicts you will have.

Different services take different time. How does the app understand the appointment duration?

In the application settings you can set up which services are available for your customers and for how long they last.

What happens if I`m bussy at the time the client has applied for an appointment?

The app works according to the schedule that you set in your device calendar. Accordingly, the app wont display time ranges that were set as booked. The app reads an existing day-to-day schedule and does not allow to make an appointment in inaccessible hours. Also, the app knows your work schedule.
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